(((eTicket Deutschland

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(((eTicket Deutschland is the electronic ticketing system for public transport. Basically, it works like an account that you have with your transport provider. All you need is a special chip card, a device that can be equipped with contactless chip technology (RFID) or an NFC-enabled smartphone. If your transport provider is part our system, then you can use an (((eTicket to take trains and buses without needing cash. Just look for the blue (((e logo.

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How fares are calculated.

Depending on the extent to which your transport provider offers (((eTicket Deutschland, you can buy conventional zone tickets and travel cards before you embark, or flexibly pay for the actual distance you travelled after you reach your destination – cash-free, with electronic billing.

  • Before your journey.

    Flexible fare collection and billing.

    Getting ready to embark on a journey with public transport, but you don’t know what kind of ticket you need or exactly what your final destination is? Then use the automated fare collection option. It works like a taximeter: the fare is determined once you reach your final destination. There are two ways to use automated fare collection:

  • Active validation

    Active validation using a reader (check-in/check-out)

    Get on the bus or train, then hold your (((eTicket Deutschland – your chip card or mobile phone, for example – up to a reader at the stop or on board. The terminal will give you a signal that you have checked in. When you get off, simply check out. The system will calculate what the journey cost.

  • Fully automated

    Automatic validation using RFID (be-in/be-out)

    Currently still in its test phase, this option will eliminate the need to hold your (((eTicket up to a reader when you embark and disembark. Instead, an on-board device using radio technology will automatically detect and read signals from your ticket.

Here’s how billing works

Safe and easy.

Cashless payment

An (((eTicket basically works like an account that you have with your transport provider. All you need is a special chip card, an item such as a key ring or a watch that can be equipped with contactless chip technology (RFID) or an NFC-enabled smartphone. Data about your journey is collected automatically, and your fare is invoiced electronically. It’s easy, reliable, precise and practical.

By the way, the range of functions offered by (((eTicket Deutschland can be expanded to hire bicycles, pay for parking and more, transforming your (((eTicket Deutschland into your universal mobility account.

Simply set up an account with one of our partners – usually your transport provider or transport authority – and choose one of the three billing options:

Payment methods

Prepaid: Top up your account at a machine, online or at a customer service centre to spend your balance on travel. It works just like a prepaid mobile phone. Top up your balance, use up your credit, and that’s that. You’re in control at all times with your anonymous (((eTicket Deutschland.

Auto-load: Your balance will automatically be topped up once it dips below a certain amount. You set the amount that you want automatically added to your account. The result? Hassle-free mobility, all the time, no matter where you happen to be.

Post-paid: You will receive a regular bill listing what you have spent. You can pay your bill by bank transfer, direct debit or credit card. This option is especially interesting for people who travel frequently and for anyone who can bill a third party for travel.

Security and data protection

At (((eTicket Deutschland, we meet very high security standards, especially when it comes to handling confidential data. Our system complies with guidelines published by the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik – BSI). Transport providers and authorities also consult their own data protection officers when developing an (((eTicket Deutschland system.

A specially developed security management system is also in place to protect data as well as the exchange of data between the systems used and the partners involved. All components – chip cards, terminals and background systems – are independently certified regardless of the manufacturer.

Only data that is necessary for identifying a valid ticket is stored on the chip every time you buy a ticket. The providers are also legally obligated to store data solely in line with the German data protection act.